Paul Cameron has specialised in Criminal Defence Law for over 36 years and has dealt with every type of criminal allegation during that extensive career. In October 2014, Paul Cameron Legal Services Limited was opened at the same time as Paul entered into a Consultancy arrangement with the prestigious London City firm, Bark & Co. Full support is provided to Paul by and with Bark & Co who provide 24 hour cover for emergency situations. Paul also has an office at Elite House, 155 Main Road, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3JP - just call to arrange an appointment!

Invaluable and expert support is provided to Paul by dedicated and highly experienced Police Station advisors available to assist whenever necessary including:

Linda Stephens (Mobile 07764 577049. Email [email protected])

Claire Randall-Gray (Mobile 07956 453136. Email [email protected])

Aneb Jama (Mobile 07940 905517. Email [email protected]

George Rickman (Mobile 07973 430704. Email [email protected])

Russell Rouse (Mobile 07734 261121. Email [email protected])

Vanessa Wiggins (Mobile 07961 820797. Email [email protected]) and

Andrew Wyborn (Mobile 07711 295860. Email [email protected])

Sefer Mani (Mobile 07539 644813. Email [email protected])

Saqib Qayum (Mobile 07890 117580. Email [email protected]

Angela Farrant (Mobile 07979 543164. Email [email protected])

Why us?

If you want expert and honest advice on how to get through the most difficult of circumstances, then you are in the right place. Your future is at stake and you must have the very best representation

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